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We Stand in line with our core values

Nothing but the best | Sell only ethical & environmentally beneficial products & services | 100% customer satisfaction

Since 2009 our focus has remained unchanged while the type of products and services we offer are constantly improving and continue to be the latest and best on the market.

At TCK Solar it is all about lessening the impact on the environment which luckily goes hand in hand with saving money for our customers. As our name suggests, we focus on what we do best: designing the right solar system to generate electricity for your home or business. The core components we use are the German engineered & manufactured SOLON solar panels which are widely known as the best in the world. In regards to durability, longevity, performance and safety they are playing in a league of their own. Paired with unique products like the SOLbond solar panel which is glued flat on flat metal roofs, we are not only supplying premium products but also achieving aesthetically pleasing and often invisible solar installations.

Our service starts with a detailed assessment of your situation and electricity usage to enable us to make a first suggestion on what our solution could offer  you which is then followed by a customized quote comparing different options and their benefits. Within 50km of Melbourne CBD a complimentary site visit can be arranged*.

During the site visit we present our products to you, assess solar panel locations, potential shading impacts, switchboard condition, inverter location and make suggestions on how to reduce your environmental footprint which also saves you money.

Once we have been authorized by transferring a 20% deposit, we take care of all steps until the system has been installed, commissioned and the paperwork has been processed. Even if help is needed afterwards, we are available to assist: Trust First. Service Always.

Keeping an eye on your investment is very important to us which is the reason why we supply every customer with monitoring equipment as well as a free site visit after 12-18 months. We offer a solution from SolarEdge which enables individual monitoring of each and every panel from our office to give you total peace of mind.

We are continuously investigating and testing new ways of utilizing all your solar system has to offer to further reduce your dependence on the electricity grid as well as maximize your savings. These smart solutions include LED lights to safe electricity, Sanden heat pumps to efficiently heat your hot water, Solaire heat pumps for your pool without wasting energy while operating conventional solar pool heating or the Bosch Hybrid to store excess power.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us via email or give us a call on 03 9988 7785 so that we can show you how you can benefit from choosing one of our high-end solar systems.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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outside this area a fee of around $150 is charged depending on travel distance which is only applicable in case the project is not going ahead.