Pool Heat Pumps

Got a pool but don’t like cold water?

In Victoria some sort of pool heating is needed and traditionally large areas of roof are covered with black rubber tubes to achieve that. Noisy and energy-hungry pumps are circulating the pool water through the tubes whereas these days highly efficient titanium heat pumps can do the same job by using even less electricity than the pump themselves. Modern inverter technologies are improving the heat pump performance by around 30%, reducing the noise level, improving longevity and giving you the flexibility to heat your pool when you and your family want it and not just in the middle of summer.

Heatseeker Nova Inverter Heat Pumps are designed to heat the pool by extracting heat from the outside air. The heat pumps use a variable-speed compressor which has greater energy efficiency. Inverter technology eliminates voltage peaks which will reduce your annual energy consumption whilst extending the life of components.