solon classic & design line


Protection, strength and durability are provided to the panels by our unique anodised aluminium twin-wall frames. The result of many years of research, the frame does not use screws and is therefore maintenance free and extremely strong and resistant to high wind speeds.


Extremely tough, the highly transparent white glass used in the panel is 4mm thick: about 30% thicker than any of its Chinese-manufactured competitors. The specially engineered, toughened glass easily withstands the direct impact of 25mm diameter of hail at a speed of more than 80 km/h. The glass surface also almost eliminates sun light reflection to maximise power output and promotes self-cleaning.


Each of the junction boxes used on our solar panels are fitted with three bypass diodes to protect the solar panel from damage. The uniquely designed ED II junction box is made of aluminium and features cooling ribbons to improve the heat dissipation of the diodes. Even on hot days the diodes stay cool to protect your investment over decades. The metre long 4mm2 cable provides flexibility during installation as well as keeping cable losses to a minimum.