Tesla Powerwall

Manufactured by the world’s leading supplier of electric cars and innovator extraordinaire when it comes to solar, TCK Solar has added Tesla’s Powerwall to its arsenal of quality solar equipment. This home battery integrates with your solar to secure the power of the sun for further use. Powerwall provides a backup in case of power outages, natural disasters or other mishaps. It is compact and stackable and contains a built-in inverter. It pushes the possibility to self-power your home, and even go off-grid even further.

Day and Night

Surplus energy from your solar is stored to supply your house with power even during the darkest of night. It will keep the wifi humming and the night-light on, independently from the grid.

Safe and Sound

Powerwall is securely wall-mounted or floor mounted. Up to ten Powerwall units can be stacked off the floor. There is no exposed wiring or hot vents, making it child and pet friendly. Powerwall is dust-proof and water resistant and can be installed inside as well as outside your home.

Control and Assurance

Download the Tesla App to control your Powerwall from anywhere. Have the assurance at your fingertips that your home energy is running smoothly.

For technical specifications on Tesla Powerwall, please click here.