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Brighton solar residential roof
New build brighton residential solar

“We’re impressed with the quality of the system and panels, as well as the fact that they can be laid flat. The Sanden Heat Pump as the source of our hot water system will take over from the roof mounted Rinnai system. Overall we see this as a better solution from an energy use perspective.”


New Build Brighton | 16.2kW 

TCK Solar installed a 16.2 kW solar system comprising 45 solar panels, each with their own individual power optimisers maximising the performance of the system. In addition, they installed a Sanden Heat Pump for their hot water generation. The benefit of using a heat pump is two-fold a) you can use any excess solar being generated during the day to run your Sanden heat pump and b) a heat pump is extremely efficient taking around 2.5 hours to supply an average household with their hot water needs. Using a heat pump for hot water production uses only one kilowatt of energy to generate five kilowatts of heat, so it uses 80% less energy compared with traditional hot water systems.

The number of solar panels installed means the owners can expect to generate more power than they need during the summer months and receive a credit from their electricity provider for feeding back into the grid. This will offset their winter usage, hopefully resulting in very low, or no power bills during the winter months. Depending upon their future and ongoing power usage, the owners can expect to recoup the upfront cost of their solar panels via reduced electricity bills in approximately 6-8 years.

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