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Fast, highly professional and friendly installation team. Excellent after installation service and help with all the regulatory paperwork. Tesla battery with panels and software make it easy to see how to be off the grid as much as possible.

— Nick

All Electric Bayside | 12.64 kW

Our expert team at TCK Solar installed a 12.64kW solar system comprising 32 SunPower Maxeon 3 solar panels, each with their own individual power optimisers to maximise the performance of this boutique system. The owner added a Tesla Powerwall battery to store the excess energy generated during the day for use after the sun has gone down and draw as little as possible from the electricity grid. A great part of this system is that the panels are all on a 5 degree tilt which improves their self-cleaning and ensures the panels are not visible from the ground. Depending upon future power usage, they owner can expect to recoup the upfront cost of their solar panels via reduced electricity bills in approximately 7-9 years.

SunPower Max 3 panels power this all-electric house.

Tesla Powerwall with Gateway and Solaredge inverters.


All-electric energy solutions
for your home.

"Illuminate your solar dreams with us at TCK Solar!"

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