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I’m someone who values high quality because it means a product will last and not need replacing in the short-term.

I found TCK Solar through a Google search and then met Timo when he visited my home to give me a quote on a solar system. I was immediately impressed by his knowledge and environmental consciousness relating to the components of the system. I was also really keen on having each panel operating separately, as the upper storey of my home gradually shades the lower first storey panels as the sun passes over throughout the day.

I’m extremely happy with the system that TCK Solar has installed on my home in Brunswick, and am really looking forward to watching my energy usage and generation over the coming months and years via the Solaredge monitoring portal.

— Sarah


Elegant SunPower panels powering the Brunswick home.

Second Storey Extension Brunswick | 5.18 kW

For this double storey one family home, TCK Solar installed a 5.18 kW solar system with one inverter and 16 solar panels. The system consists of 8 panels on the second storey and 8 panels on the lower storey. This system employs 16 individual power optimisers allowing each panel to operate separately and thus maximise efficiency. As the panels get shaded by the second storey in the afternoon they function individually as their output reduces, instead of lowering the efficiency of the whole system.

This system has been installed as ‘battery-ready’ for the owner to add a battery storage unit in the near future. Depending upon their household power usage, they can expect to recoup the upfront cost of their system via reduced electricity bills in approximately 6-8 years.


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