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Timo made it clear at our first meeting that TCK Solar used only top-quality solar panels and equipment. We believe that you get what you pay for. We have had installed by TCK Solar a high quality solar and battery system. We have no hesitation in recommending TCK Solar for the quality of the installation, their workmanship, service and efficiency.

— Barrie & Robyn

Double storey Cape Schanck | 8.45 kW

TCK Solar installed an 8.45kW solar system comprising 26 solar panels, each with their own individual power optimiser, to maximise the performance of the system. In addition, the owners added a Tesla Powerwall battery to store their excess energy during the day. The saved power can then be automatically drawn upon to fuel their home at night-time.

A great part of this system is that the panels are oriented on three different angles to maximise the sunshine throughout the day. They are installed on a flat roof with a 5˚ tilt ensuring they’re not visible from the ground. Depending upon their future power usage, Barrie and Robyn can expect to recoup the upfront cost of their solar panels via reduced electricity bills in approximately 7-10 years.


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