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As someone who has a technical background and long history with new energy technologies, and solar power in particular, it was a pleasure to discover (on the recommendation of a friend) TCK Solar. The pre-purchase site visit by Timo showed how knowledgeable he is from his own PV cell and module production experience — and why TCK has chosen to be a supplier of the best quality panels, inverters and batteries. The installation was done promptly and professionally, with a very neat inverter and battery system resulting. The performance of the system has been exemplary so far, and TCK Solar has responded well in terms of service and maintenance. I look forward to continuing the association with TCK Solar, and am happy to recommend them to others who are seeking a quality solar power system.

— Bruce

Tesla Powerwall & Gateway and Solaredge Inverters

Curved Roof Cape Schanck | 10.8 kW

At this remote home in Cape Schank, TCK Solar installed a 10.8kW solar system consisting of 30 Sunpower solar panels, each with their own individual Solaredge power optimisers to maximise the overall performance of the system. The solar panels for this installation were mounted directly onto the railing fixed to the roof without the need for any further tilt as the curved roof provided this angle already. In addition to the Sunpower solar panels, the owners added a Tesla Powerwall battery to store their excess energy generated during the day for powering their home at night-time. Depending upon their future power usage, the owners can expect to recoup the upfront cost of their solar panels via reduced electricity bills in approximately 7-9 years.


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