Efficient cooling system
At TCK Solar we try to find the best products for you to add to your all-electric solutions household. Air-conditioners are notorious for eating up lots of energy. We picked the Daikin Cora as it is rated 5.5 on the energy star rating for both heating and cooling and is still affordable. These split-systems are much more energy efficient than ducted heating and cooling and, if supported by solar, better for the planet. Please note that if a hot day is in the forecast, we recommend turning your air-conditioner on early enough in the day to a summery temperature range, rather than refrigeration. For example, put it on 27˚C and let it work away. This will keep the energy consumption low and the temperature in the house at a good level. TCK Solar has a qualified air-conditioning mechanic on staff that can install and maintain a system for you, as well as answer any more specific questions you may have.

The Cora

This series features a whisper quiet operation with leading energy efficiency to bring you superior comfort levels and looks good while doing it. We offer the 2.5kW version of the Cora, as this one is the most efficient one of the Cora line.


When it is running in Quiet Mode, the noise level drops to between 19-30dB, depending on model. Just to add context to this, a quiet library runs at a noise level of about 40dB.

Air Purification and Airflow

The whispered air is purified by a titanium apatite deodorising air purification filter that traps microscopic particals, odours and even deactivates bacteria. The air streams through discharge louvres along the ceiling for longer throws and delivers rapid cooling and even temperature distribution.

Intelligent Eye and Precision Control

The amazing technology of an infrared human presence sensor helps prevent cold draughts and enables energy saving operations when the room is unoccupied for 20 minutes. While you are in the room, you are able to control the temperature in 0.5˚C increments for optimal comfort.

R32 Refrigerant

Daikin as taken the lead when it comes to shifting to refrigerants with a lower environmental impact. It became the first company to succeed in applying R32 to air conditioners. R32 has a 66% lower ‘Global Warming Potential Factor’ than other refrigerants. This makes it the refrigerant with the least global warming potential. Daikin has also provided free access to its 93 patents to support air conditioning manufacturers to transition to R32.

Comfort at your Fingertips

The standard remote control gives you full access to programming your A/C not only for operating time, but also to determine which comfort factor you need when. The Econo Mode will prevent tripping your circuit breaker, as it limits the power consumption of the system. You can also control room humidity and/or give the room a quick heating or cooling boost for 20 minutes, if needed. You’re in full control.

If you are interested in controlling your unit from your phone, there is a wifi accessory that can be added to the air-conditioning unit to make this possible. Talk to us about further details.

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