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Enphase Envoy

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Welcome to Enphase monitoring. Enphase’s monitoring platform is the called the MyEnlighten. Within two days of power on, you will be sent your MyEnlighten login credentials. Your user name is the email address you provided to your installer for registration. You will be sent a temporary password that you will reset when you first log in. You can download the MyEnlighten app either at the Apple store or at Google Play by clicking these links.

Below you can learn a bit more about all the things you can find on your MyEnlighten App.

Rebooting your envoy

To restart or reboot the Envoy, turn off the Envoy breaker or unplug it from the power outlet (depending on your Envoy model). Wait 30 seconds before powering it back on.

Enphase Support

Enphase has a great support system. You can either call them on 1800 006 374 or go to their support website to get further information.

Please Note: There is ALWAYS power coming from the solar panels all the way to the AC isolator unless the panels are disconnected.

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