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Heat pump hot water

There are lots of ways to create hot water. The common ones are gas storage systems, instant gas, electric storage, instant electric, solar hot water with gas or electric booster. All of the above are old technologies.

The modern way to heat hot water is by using a heat pump. 

All the old technologies are having the issue that they are experiencing losses and are dependent on fossil fuel. A heat pump like the SANDEN domestic hot water heat pump has been designed to excell at this task much better by using the energy in the ambient air as well as electricity to create hot water. Thanks to Japans research SANDEN is using CO2 as refridgerent giving a coefficient of performance (COP) of 6. In simple terms this means one kWh send into the heat pumps is turned into 6kWh of hot water. That means a saving of about 80%. Also the instant hot water systems experience in delay until they are delivering hot water whereas the SANDEN is instant which usually means a reduction in waiting time for hot water = less wasted water. 

The heat pump uses about half the power of your toaster while running and is in operation usually 3-4 hours per day at only 37db (that is much less than your fridge). Given its design you can place the tank and the heat pump in different locations although the standard installation is side-by-side. 

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