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Adding solar panels to our home was an easy decision because we wanted to contribute to Australia’s clean energy mix while reducing our use of fossil fuels. Of course, over time, solar is more cost effective, as well. A friend who had used TCK SOLAR, recommended them because of their use of very high quality solar panels and inverters and thoughtful installation.

A visit by Timo, the owner, was crucial in selecting the best roof location for the panels. The result was a site with no solar blockage from the many trees around our home, just a bit from our antenna. This was a much better result than we thought likely.

The installation crew completed the placement of 18 angled panels and the inverter in two and a half days without any delay or problem. They were a very pleasant, well-run and capable crew. We like the special features TCK Solar includes, particularly, the constant monitoring of our system’s operation and production. If there are problems, TCK Solar will know immediately, contact us and make necessary repairs. Also, we like the Solaredge app which gives us constant tracking of electrical production, as well as, record keeping on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

In short, we are very happy with TCK Solar’s system, installation and operational performance to date and feel the quality of the panels, workmanship and services of TCK will serve us well over time. A+.”

— Hank & D.D.

Tilt Frame Nillumbik | 5.85 kW

TCK Solar supplied and installed a 5.85 kW solar system comprising of 18 panels each with their own individual power optimisers to enable each panel to operate individually. The design and subsequent installation was an unique one as there are many large trees in the vicinity, so a large North facing tilt frame was recommended for the roof to minimise shading and allow the panels to rise up an additional 15 degree on top of the existing 15 degree South facing corrugated iron pitch of the roof.

Depending the future power usage of this residence, the owners can expect to recoup the upfront cost of their solar panels via reduced electricity bills in approximately 7-10 years.


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