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We engaged TCK Solar having found their details on the Tesla website. We chose TCK Solar over other providers because they demonstrated they had the expertise to provide a bespoke solution as we live in a terrace house. TCK Solar carried out the installation in a professional manner and left everything tidy after they left.

— Andrew

SunPower Maxeon panels on the historic roofline.

Two Tesla Powerwall 2, Tesla Gateway and Solaredge Inverter.

Ornate Terrace House Albert Park | 7.02 kW

At this unique terrace home in Albert Park, TCK Solar installed a 7.02kW solar system consisting of 30 solar panels, each with their own individual power optimiser to maximise the overall performance of the system. This is an especially important part of this installation as the lower panels experience shading from the ornate façade at the front of the house each afternoon. In addition to the solar panels, the owners added two Tesla Powerwall batteries to store their excess energy generated during the day for powering their home at night-time. A truly bespoke part of this system is that the inverter and battery are installed in the cellar of the house which is located directly under the front door. Depending upon their future power usage, they can expect to recoup the upfront cost of their solar panels via reduced electricity bills in approximately 8.5 – 10.9 years.


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