Why choose a Heat Pump over conventional Solar pool heating?

When it comes to pool heating, everyone thinks about black rubber tubes on the roof. Unsightly and inefficient, they come with noisy, energy-hungry pumps that push the pool water up to your roof and through the tubes, keeping your roof hot and only heating your pool for 3 months over summer. Whereas the highly efficient Heatseeker Nova + Inverter Heat Pumps are designed to heat the pool by extracting heat from the ambient air, and use a variable-speed

compressor which has greater energy efficiency. Modern inverter technologies are improving the performance by around 30%, reducing noise levels, extending longevity and putting You back in control on when & how much you like your pool to be heated.

The longer & warmer you heat the pool determines the size of heat pump you will need. On average, a heat pump option will give you 4-6 months of swimming compared to just the hottest days of the summer and doesn’t need the sun to shine to heat your pool, great for those overcast balmy days!

Timers on the heat pump enables you to make the most of the solar generated power during the day to utilise excess solar power.

Most of our customers opt to replace current conventional solar pool heating when installing their solar PV system to free up the prime roof areas for the best solar layout solution with maximum solar production, reduce heat in the roof (and essentially cooling costs) and for greater energy efficiency.

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Disclaimer: The sizing is carried out via POOLHEAT modelling software and is intended as a guide only in the selection of a heat pump from our heat pump range. We do not accept any liability associated with the design of the swimming pool heating system, and it is ultimately our client’s responsibility to ensure the heat pump is correctly sized and fit for purpose.

To ensure the longevity of our products, the manufacturer limits the operation of our heat pumps to 14h/day. The resulting heating capacity is modelled with this constraint.

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