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TCK’s expert advice and service, together with a team of highly professional installers has been outstanding and is a real credit to the company. In all, everything has gone just as predicted, and the Tesla app along with the solar, battery and heat pump hot water have been great…I could immediately see the benefit of the heat pump hot water system.

— Daniel

High Density Richmond | 6.24 kW

At this high-density, inner city Melbourne residence, TCK Solar installed a 6.24kW solar system consisting of 16 Sunpower Max3 solar panels, each with their own individual Solaredge power optimiser to maximise the overall performance of the system. The solar panels on this roof were mounted on two different orientations (immediately next to the neighbours existing system on a traditional tilt-frame) to maximise the generation of the system and make the best use of the available roof space.

In addition to the Sunpower solar panels, the owners added a Tesla Powerwall battery to store their excess energy generated during the day, plus also installed a super-efficient Sanden heat pump, with a Sanden storage unit, for their hot water needs. Depending upon their future power usage, the owners can expect to recoup the upfront cost of their solar panels via reduced electricity bills in approximately 9-12 years.


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