Easy and inexpensive heat out for thin air
Stiebel Eltron’s premium quality heat pumps utilises free natural energy from the air around us to create hot water for your hydronic heating and hot water. They provide an energy-efficient, environmentally responsible solution for year-round generation of hot water using minimal energy.

Why choose a heat pump for your hydronic heating and not a conventional gas boiler?

In short: we can all generate our own electricity but we can’t drill for our own gas.

Yes, the initial outlay is around $10k higher but the running cost are about half. The heat pump has an efficiency of 400-500% (1kWh of electricity in = 4-5kWh of heat out). A very efficient gas boiler has an efficiency of around 90% (1kWh of gas in = 0.9kWh of heat out). Gas is currently about half the cost of electricity.

Gas @ 10 cents/kWh = 10 / 0.9 = 11.1 cents/kWh of heat

Electricity @ 25 cents/kWh = 25 / 4.5 = 5.5 cents/kWh of heat

Combined with a solar system on your roof the savings will be even more as in autumn & spring a big part of the needed electricity during the day is provided by the solar. Depending on the solar system size in winter parts of the energy will still come directly from your roof. 

Cosy warmth from the air in Australian homes

The WPL air source hydronic heat pumps are a great hydronic heating solution to assist with the transition to an all-electric household. With a COP of around 5.0 you will notice the savings on your power bills straight away. The operating sound level of these heat pumps are the quietest on the market. It is ideally suited for under floor heating but radiators with up to 65ºC flow temperature are possible too. The energy efficient inverter technology enable such temperatures even on cold winter days. The units are Smart Grid ready for connection to solar photovoltaic and energy management systems as well as have an ISG unit fitted for remote after sales care.

The product range of Stiebel Eltron allows the system to be customised to suit every situation.

From doing just one thing at a time:

  • Domestic hot water
  • Hydronic heating
  • Pool heating

Or any kind of combination of the above.

HSBC 200 S

Every hydronic heat pump solution consist of two components. The heat pump outside and usually a buffer tank & control equipment inside.

The HSBC 200 is a combination tank for domestic hydronic heating and hot water. It has got all the essential components inside which makes it a very compact size and neat installation.

All-electric energy solutions for your home.

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