String Inverter

String Inverter | Induction
In case you have to reboot or turn your inverter off, please follow the instructions on the PV label on your inverter. The steps are relatively easy.
  1. Turn off the AC isolator. Note: You may have more than one AC isolator to turn off depending on your system. It is important that you always switch off AC FIRST.
  2. Now turn off the DC isolator on your inverter. You will see that all control lamps will turn off eventually.
  3. To turn the system back on, follow the steps in reverse. Therefore:
  4. Turn your DC isolator back on.
  5. Turn your AC isolator back on. In about 60 seconds your system should be back online.

There is ALWAYS power coming from the solar panels all the way to the AC isolator unless the panels are disconnected.

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