TCK Solar’s commitment to superior quality products hasn’t changed. The P3 is outperforming & outlasting conventional solar panels and with the 25-year performance and product warranty SunPower is showing its confidence too.

The simple question is, when should you consider the SunPower P3 over the SunPower Max3?

1.     Sufficient roof space

2.    Minimal to no shading

3.  you are ok with about 10% less production over 30 years compared to the Max3 (still significantly more production compared to conventional solar panels)

SunPower Performance — P3 — RESIDENTIAL

TCK Solar added SunPower® P3-320 solar panels to our offerings. On these wrap front contact cells the weakest points of conventional panel design are eliminated. Through enhanced active areas and mono-crystalline cells, the panels deliver superior power, reliability, value and savings.


The SunPower Performance panels create up to 32% more energy in the same space over 25 years. Thanks to unique parallel circuitry, they outperform conventional panels even in partial shade. During lower light, such as down, dusk, or soiled panels, the power production is also maximised through proprietary bussing design.

The elegantly black design of the SunPower Performance panel adds elegance flair to your home, as they blend smoothly into your roof. Proven by the fact that they are the most used shingled solar panels in the world.

SunPower Performance — P3 — COMMERCIAL

For our commercial customers, TCK Solar is now offering the superior quality of SunPower® P3-405 solar panels. In comparison to the residential version of the panel, the commercial version is larger in size with the same 19% efficiency. The improved technology of eliminating the weakest points, such as fragile ribbons and solder bonds is the same, improving longevity and reliability. Beyond this, these panels deliver superior power, value and savings to any commercial business.


In the space of 25 years, commercial SunPower Performance panels bring up to 32% more energy in the same space. They easily outperforms conventional panels thanks to unique parallel circuitry even in partial shade. The technology or proprietary bussing design reduces power loss. During morning and evening shading or soiling it will still maximise production.

The SunPower Performance Series has proved its worth and thus become the most deployed shingled solar panel in the world. The innovative design has surpassed most traditional front contact panels’ reliability challenges.

The SunPower Complete Confidence Warranty

SunPower confidently provides an industry-leading 25 year Complete Confidence Combined Warranty for the entire SunPower Performance Series.

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